What We Do

The Dendrite Group works in a variety of different capacities β€” strategy, product development, and customer research β€” to create lasting and scalable value for our clients and their customers.

Product Strategy

Understanding the accelerating dynamics of business and markets, we help clients build the knowledge and insight that lead to product success

Product Conception and Development

From prototype to launch, our product discovery methods allow our clients to test product hypotheses and develop groundbreaking solutions for their customers

Content Creation and Market Execution

Attracting customers requires knowing where they are and what will engage them. The right content in the right channel is what helps our clients stand out

Customer Research and Market Insight

Providing invaluable perspective on where customers are today and where the markets will be in the future, we help our clients make confident market choices

Who We Are

A few select strategy, product, and business development experts, the Dendrite Group is founded on the core principles of customer-driven insight. While business practices are subject to fads and fashions, the multidisciplinary approach of the Dendrite Group provides the foundational knowledge to create meaningful customer value with our clients β€” whether it’s a new insight or a new product

How to Reach Us

Our fit with our clients is of utmost importance. Each client has unique needs and operating challenges that we are prepared to work with.

Contact us today to talk with us about your marketing situation, and how the Dendrite Group can help.